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At Utility Solutions and Automation, we work to get to know you and your water utility goals and objectives.  Once we understand what you want to accomplish, we will engineer the right technology solution tailored to your utility’s unique needs and help you successfully implement the solution and optimize its benefits.  From AMI, AMR, Metering or Waterworks products, our solutions portfolio features only the best in class products. See our line of best in class technology solutions below.

Smart Water Consultantants

AMR / AMI Systems - Badger Meter

Today’s expanded cellular networks are more secure and reliable than ever before, making infrastructure-free AMI deployments easy, flexible and scalable for your water utility needs using Badger Meter Smart Metering Systems. With our BEACON® Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) solution, you can leverage existing cellular networks to get the actionable information you need without having to manage gateway infrastructure. This allows your teams to focus on what they do best— managing operations and serving customers while protecting long-term system investments— with no infrastructure.

Badger Meter M-25 and E-25 Residential Meters

Residential Water Meters - Badger Meter

Your utility has diverse requirements. Badger Meter residential meters are designed to meet those requirements, while driving accuracy and revenue. Industry leading Recordall® nutating disc and E-Series® ultrasonic meter technologies are available with housings manufactured from lead free alloys and engineered polymer. Your choice in a water metering solutions counts – choose from the many Badger Meter offerings to find your solution.

Commercial & Industrial Meters - Badger Meter

Industry leading Recordall® Disc, Turbo, Compound, Combo & Fire Series meters and assemblies are the ideal choice for commercial metering needs. These meters are designed to generate flexibility and control when you need to measure high volume usage. Badger Meter offers solutions for facilities that experience rapid and wide fluctuations in water demand, such as hospitals, universities, residential complexes and manufacturing or processing facilities, or for other high volume industrial, multi-residential and commercial applications.


Our smart water solutions now encompass flow measurement, temperature, pressure and water quality parameters. With products from Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATi) and s::can GmbH, both Badger Meter brands, we have a comprehensive water quality monitoring offering that is transforming the water industry and enhancing how users manage their water systems.


Deployed at thousands of locations across the globe, the Syrinix PIPEMINDER data loggers provide intelligent data, alarms, and insights to transform network visibility. Our solutions offer a broad range of applications including network calming, asset performance tracking, acoustic leak detection and much more.

Utility Water Treatment & Distribution - Badger Meter

Water and wastewater treatment facilities have the critical job of producing a safe supply of high-quality drinking water. Their operational processes are complex and involve a wide range of flow measurement tasks. These applications demand the highest flow meter accuracy and reliability, as well as long-term stability and a low cost-of-ownership. Badger Meter water treatment solutions meet the challenge and are part of our end-to-end portfolio of products for the water utility industry.

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